2Hawks Tomahawks “Woodsman” Review

I’ve always been blown away with the high prices that are attached to custom blacksmith pieces. I have always dreamt of owning something custom made here in America by a hardworking passionate American. My search came to an end when I discovered the 2 Hawks webpage (http://www.2hawks.net). After looking over the site I realized they offered a 25-year warranty on the blades and a military discount. My first impression was they had a lot of confidence in their work so the next step was to give their owner and blacksmith, Devin Price, a call.

My hawk arrived while I IMG_1637was away on deployment. I had my wife, who thinks I’m crazy; unveil this piece of art to me over Skype. I was also planning my September backcountry elk hunt at the time and knew this would be an excellent time to test the limits of this lil bad boy.

September came before we knew it and the woodsman was put to the test. My wife will attest that once the fall hunting season arrives, I don’t stop until I’ve done my part in predator management. I purchased the lightest weight hawk available from 2 Hawks, specifically for packing into the backcountry (i.e. pounding tent stakes and cutting up firewood). The hawk pIMG_1639erformed all tasks with ease.

I’ve used lesser “mainstream” camp axes throughout my life in the outdoors and have always managed to break them or they were just too heavy for the way I pack for a hunt these days. By the time you add all of your food, hunting, camp gear, and camera gear, it doesn’t take long for those ounces to make a whole lot of pounds.

After utilizing the Woodsman last fall for all the camp tasks with little to no maintenance between hunts, the hawk was still sharp enough to cut up a nights worth of firewood and is still just as pretty as the day my wife pulled it from the box.

If you are looking for a great camp axe and a piece of American craftsmanship at its best,  check out 2Hawks line of axes.  I’ll definitely be a returning customer in the near future.

Get your tomahawk/axe at http://www.2hawks.net

or get your own Woodsman at http://www.2hawks.net/tomahawks/woodsman

Tomahawk Features          

6150 High-carbon, chromium steel

2Hawks iconic blued finish

2.75in blade

Hammer-polled head

Darkened hickory handle

25 Year blade warranty

Head Dimensions

Head Weight: 9.8oz

Head Length: 5.25in

Head Height: 2.25in

Head Width: 1.2in

Cutting Edge: 2.375in

Hammer Face: 1.00in x 0.80in



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