Duel Game Call’s Elk Standard Bugle 21″ Review

Duel1I recently walked into the local outdoors equipment store right about the first week of September just like many of you guys probably did. I was in the market for an upgrade to my current bull elk call. I didn’t have much experience with calling elk as my family had not traditionally been callers. I was ready to break into Rocky Mountain Bull Elk bugling as I had read many elk hunt stories where the author had “called him in.” By chance in the store that day was Weston Clark, vice president of sales for Duel Game Calls. He had literally called me into him as he was giving live demonstrations of a variety of Duel’s calls.

I approached him and standing two feet away listened to him blast off a big bull lip ball scream. I did not tell him but I was sold! The resonance that is comes out of Duel Game Calls 21” standard bull elk bugle is outstanding! The dual chambers create a realistic sound that is not replicated in other calls that I have heard. I have heard plenty of hunters attempting to bugle in the wild and I can tell you that from the first time I used this call the other hunters within ear shot thought I was a real bull and so did the real bulls; and that’s what we’re really after!

The overall design of the bull elk bugle is rugged and meant to hold up to being out in the wilds breaking brush and sleeping in the woods, although I did have a few minor problems. It is an external reed game call so there is no need to keep a diaphragm call in your mouth for the entire hunt. External reed calls are easy to learn and master. It took me around three hours of torturing my wife and neighbors before I felt comfortable doing a cold call in the high country.

The problems that I had with the call came only once I was out in the field hunting. I found that I needed to reinforce the free running ends of the carrying strap to keep them from slipping back through the clips. The other problem that I had was the camouflage cloth that covers the plastic resonance chambers on the upper and lower ends of the call needed to be reinforced with zip ties duel3ato keep them from slipping free after hours of walking and calling. Both problems were easily fixed with items that I either carry with me in my pack or back at camp.

Like all calls I would ultimately judge their quality on the calls ability to mimic a bull elk and call him in and in this case the proof is in the pudding. I called this years bull into a shooting lane at 35 yards after being in the woods for only three hours. In fact, I even had my 7 year old daughter with me the whole way. That bull was completely convinced of the authenticity of my call because he came in hot and panting, thrashing a sapling with his rack, ready for a fight! I have no doubt that without this bull elk game call from Duel, I would not have called this bull in. Overall I give the 21” Standard Elk Bugle from Duel Game calls 5 out of 5 because it was integral in me getting the job done this year on my first archer bull Elk!

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