LaRue MBT (Meticulously Built Trigger) Review

For years, when someone wanted a trigger for a precision AR rifle, most people instantly thought of Geissele triggers, maybe a Timney drop-in or even the surprisingly good Hyperfire. When LaRue Tactical announced that they were making triggers for any small pin AR-15 or AR-10 platform, we were intrigued on which direction they were going to go. Fast-forward to today, we got some white space in the calendar, dropped the LaRue MBT in our guns and we threw some lead down range.IMG_4026

Now most of us have LaRue rifles but none of our 7.62 OBR or PredatOBR’s has the LaRue trigger. So what better way to upgrade our own LaRue rifles than to test out LaRue’s own product in their gun. I personally have the 16.1” 7.62 PredatOBR with a 1/10 twist. The PredatOBR came with a CMC trigger, which was a good trigger. The CMC had a two stage trigger set at 4lbs (2lb and 2lb), smooth pull and quick reset. Plus CMC is a one-piece drop in trigger that is completely self-contained, which makes installation a piece of cake.

The LaRue MBT presents itself in a neatly packaged tin can with a clear lid; as if the trigger is calling to you through the window. The MBT does not have the traditional parkerized look that most triggers have. Instead, LaRue went with industrial IMG_4016gunmetal like they legitimately took a block of S7 tool steel, milled out this trigger and then said f***-it let’s leave it this color. The MBT has that I’m  a solid “can hold up to the abuse and father-time” feel to it. The down side to this not Parkerizing the trigger is that extra protection from the elements. We had several of our range days in heavy rain/snow mixture. Even drying the gun off as best as possible and leaving it out to dry, there was some noted rust on the hammer and trigger. But lets chalk that one up to user error and not jump off the LaRue MBT boat quite yet.

What is first noticeable of the box (or tin can to be specific) for the MBT is the curved trigger width. The CMC trigger had a width of 5mm at its fattest point IMG_3974but the LaRue MBT had a curved trigger width of 7.5mm. Now 2.5mm does not seem like a whole lot but later in the application-testing phase, that 2.5mm makes a huge difference. Both hammer faces measured in at 4mm. The trigger pull weight for the LaRue MBT is a nice 2lb first stage and a 2.5lb second stage. The weight seems about perfect and even if Larue had made this an adjustable trigger, I probably would not have changed much in the trigger pull weight anyway.

If you have instIMG_3971alled any AR trigger before, this one will be a piece of cake. Even if you have not, LaRue included detailed instructions on how to put it in your gun.

Once installed and behind the gun the immediate “oh my god, I love this trigger” feeling came when I put my finger on the trigger for the first time. That extra 2.5mm width in the trigger felt like a cloud parting and sun shining down on me moment. I admittedly have large hands and have never really liked the thin aspect of most stock triggers. When I shoot the MBT (and I am talking about pure finger to trigger relationship), I feel like the larger trigger makes for a more consistent pull. You do not have the over-roll of your finger on the trigger. It fits in the second pad of the index finger perfectly and the crisp lines of the machining offer a backstop for finger placement on the trigger.

So, obviously I loved a wider trigger. What I liked next about MBT is the quick and smooth reset of the trigger. I did not feel or notice any lag in the trigger reset. We have shot around 1200 rounds of Federal 175 gr SMK with the trigger so far and have yet to notice any spring deformities or weakening of the springs, hammer or trigger.

As previously mentioned the initial stage of 2lb is smooth and transitions into the 2.5lb second stage without any catches. The break on the 2.5lb is very crisp and we have not noted any deviation to that crispness so far (fingers crossed).

I went out and bought this trigger thinking, I have a LaRue gun why not have a LaRue trigger in it. I have always been happy with their products, so I had somewhat high hopes on the gun but knew the CMC trigger was performing well for me, so I always had a back up. Thank god, LaRue lived up to their excellence and came up with another product that I think is one of the best triggers I have ever had the experience to shoot.


From a design, that is sleek and forward thinking to the performance that has been superb. The LaRue MBT has been a great find for us gun aficionados and professionals. Now wait, it actually gets a little better. Right now (February 6, 2016) you can get a MBT for $124.99 (if you do not mind waiting for your trigger) or $199 (if you want trigger today). In comparison, the CMC two-stage trigger is $239.99 aIMG_3987d the Geiselle SSA two-stage trigger is $220. So the cost and performance to pure enjoyment in relation to cost comparison of rivals, Larue has created a great product. On the down side, Larue does not do any military discounts at this time (too m
any SF guys have burned Mark LaRue) but I am sure they will bring that back eventually.

IMG_3979On a final note, triggers are like beautiful woman (or men) each person is going have their preference in what they are looking for. Either adjustability or trigger reset speed or even budgetary. In our opinion, the LaRue MBT meets the majority of those requirements and makes our guns that much more lethal and accurate.

Ultimately, from the Men of SOF Review, we highly recommend the LaRue MBT.


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