Holster Review- ReFactor REFT Leather Wing Holster by BlackPoint Tactical

Pro’s- Low profile signature that contours and moves with the body thanks to the leather wing design. Comfortable to wear in both civilian attire and full-kit, smooth draw and ease to secure after your engagement.

Con’s- Non-locking retention system makes it questionable for airborne or fast-rope operations.

Summary- Whether you are running around in full kit or taking your family out on the town, this great holster gives you a comfortable ride and look, while maintaining an overall professional image. We would definitely recommend this holster to fellow soldiers and friends.


In need of a new tactical holster, I bought the ReFactor Tactical REFT Leather Wing Holster by BlackPoint Tactical. I heard of ReFactor Tactical, a former-SOF owned company out of Colorado, a little over a year ago. When I saw they were offering the BlackPoint Tactical holster as well, I thought, “This looks like a great opportunity to check out both companies”.

The Who…

First let me talk about ReFactor Tactical. The need for this holster came at the last minute when my Safariland ALS Low Signature holster was just not cutting it as a tactical holster. I called ReFactor Tactical to see if they could have the product expedited and they were more than willing to try. IMG_0084This may not happen every time but for a deployed military soldier, they were more than willing to make sure that I received the right product for the right mission as fast as possible. Within a week, I had my new REFT Leather Wing holster from BlackPoint Tactical. From a customer service standpoint, I could not have asked for a nicer and pro-military group of guys at ReFactor Tactical.

Equally as pro-military and worked exceptionally hard to rush me the product was BlackPoint Tactical. Even though I did not deal with this company directly, I was reassured by the guys at ReFactor that these fine Georgia gentleman loved the military and they would do anything to help get their product to soldiers fast as possible. Now to be fair, both companies point out that the holsters are custom made per order and can take up to 3 weeks for delivery. Even without the rush order by both companies, I was incredibly happy with their dedication to the forces and to their customer service.

The Why and the What…

Wanting a lower profile holster to work around vehicles and to reduce noise production in building climbing, I went the REFT Leather Wing Holster. IMG_0082I had them make a Glock 19 with Surefire light model. OD Green front piece in Kydex, Black Kydex in the back piece and chocolate brown leather for the wings. Other specs include right-handed draw, cant and 1.75” OWB loops. I went ahead and ordered the adjustable metal OWB clips to possibly change drop of the holster in the future and the metal parts for the IWB.

Looks– In a world where everything needs to be Multicam or some sort of tactical-camo pattern, I was happy with my overall choice to order OD Green. I thought the holster was sleek, still looked professional and had a nice feel to it directly out of the box. Both ReFactor and BlackPoint offer seIMG_0079veral color options to choose from. You can even change the colors from the front Kydex piece to the back piece. Both websites were easy to navigate and give several options for guns, lights and drawing position. The REFT Leather Wing model comes with the ReFactor Tactical company symbol on the front of the holster, which is a surprisingly nice feature of the overall look. I initially thought this was going to be a solely tactical holster, but after tests and application of the holster, from looks alone I would definitely want to wear this as my OWB civilian carry holster.


Tests- We ran the holster threw several variables on the range and in real life scenarios. We first tried a simple static draw, without kit and engaged multiple targets at various distances. To be honest, this was one of two spots that I was skeptical on when I first got the holster. The design was sleek and I like the feel on my Viking Tactics gun belt, IMG_0077but I have always been skeptical of holsters with non-locking weapons retention. Usually these types of holster are inconsistent in their molding and either is too tight or too loose in their draw. I found the focus on details to my specific weapons set-up appears to have the perfect amount of retention. From the draw there was never too much retention that I had to fight with and post engagement the gun went back smoothly into the holster.

The next test included shooting and moving, around barricades and engaging multiple targets with kit. This was mIMG_2982y second initial concern with this holster when I first got it. Since the holster held tight to my hip, I was concerned that the draw time would be slowed down when kit was added to the equation. Through several iterations, I found that not only was there no issues drawing the holster, but I actually preferred this set up over the

Safariland ALS canted and dropped system I was running.   The weapon was easy to draw while moving and wIMG_2984as equally as easy to place back in the holster without looking post engagement.The final range test included drawing the weapon from a vehicle without kit. The sleekness was an obvious first impression. Unlike the Safariland, this holster was barely noticeable with or without a seatbelt on and from any seat in the vehicle. The weapon stayed canted in the right position for drawing and remained tight to the hip. Even moving in and out of a vehicle, in both drawing and holstering of the weapon went smoothly.

Concerns- The obvious concern with this holster is the lack of locking device or added bungee retention. From running to vehicle work to comfort, this holster is top notch but with any type of airborne operations, I would want another retention feature built into the holster. If only to appease my fear of loosing a sensitive item, while jumping from planes or sliding down ropes, having that back up feature would be great.

Cost- With all the options that I got, the holster was $104.95. For just the base holster, they run $84.95 on the ReFactor website.  The guys at ReFactor do offer a military/LE discount if you call them to order, which makes this holster a great steal for the quality and craftsmanship.

Conclusions- We covered a lot of the positives for this holster for tactical applications. I have tried everything from the drop leg holster to the canted drop holster to just an OWB holster. The metal clips and leather portion offer to this holster by allowing it to shift with the human contour is a great feature. The REFT Leather Wing Holster moved and flexed with my body without feeling stiff. The product was extremely well crafted. It went through months of tests, training and operations and still feels good, holds retention and moves great with the body. Even as OWB civilian carry, this holster would make a great addition to carry any of your favorite guns.

Ultimately, this is a product I would definitely encourage any soldier, gun lover or tactical practitioner to get. It draws smoothly, rides very well and is made/sold by some solid guys.

To order this holster or other products from ReFactor Tactical, Click Here.

To watch some of our GoPro tests of the ReFactor Tactical REFT Leather Wing Holster by BlackPoint Tactical, click the link below…


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